Thursday, October 8, 2009

If you have 3 of's a collection!

There are things that I've always been attracted to... had a desire to collect... you know, needful things.
It's so funny that these things can bring happiness & comfort to one's soul...either reminding us of a golden moment...or people we loved.

I believe it's that force which drives us to want more of the good feeling which translates into getting more of the thing that made us feel that way.... then we end up with a bunch of stuff... forever seeking more of that good feeling we get in a never ending cycle.
I'm not big on monetary always comes down to an emotional connection to an object for me. I collect what I like & don't consider it's value now...nor what it will be down the road. I guess I'm not that kind of collector.

When I was a kid, I collected cat figurines. Maybe I started collecting them because we always had cats growing up. Usually there were 4 or so under our roof at a time...& they were such a joy to have. Each had it's own personality & I have fond memories being surrounded by them as a kid on up to adulthood. You can imagine that over the years...we had a lot of cats come & go. I had a sizable cat collection... with cats made of various materials: glass, porcelain, resin, wood, & even one cat that had been carved from a lump of coal. I still wouldn't consider myself a 'cat person'... in fact I do have a special fondness for dogs... we just never managed to keep one & there were always cats around.

Now that I'm grown... even though I'm a big kid at heart... my collections have evolved to fit my lifestyle. I don't care for now my kitty collection is put away in a box. I can visit them any time I'd like, but don't have to dust every nook & cranny & rearrange them every time I clean the house.

I may pass on my kitties to my kids when they are a little bit older & they may find some joy in playing with them. They love all animals & we do have a kitty now.

I really love collectible things that have a function...besides collecting dust. One of my current favorite collections is kept in the kitchen & we use it nearly everyday! It's an ecclectic mix of children's novelty spoons. My collection started with 3 spoons that I had from my own childhood. Over the years I have added to it because of that emotional attachment to my wonder years. Being an illustrator/toydesigner I really feel the need to keep the wonderment & fun of childhood alive... not to mention I'm a mommy & love to nurture my kids fantasies with fabulous things! I have found a spoon here or there at antique stores, flea markets, & in online auctions. My collection resides in an old jelly jar for easy access & every time one of the kiddos need a spoon...I pull one from the collection.
It makes me so happy that I can share something I love with my kids & hopefully the spoons are just one of the building blocks to wonderful memories for them!
If you'd like to share your collections with me...please leave a comment! I'd love to know what you collect & why!


Queen of Crafts, Current Events, and Such. said... are cuteable. I enjoy your posts on twitter, and your crafty links on etsy are enjoyable. I hope peeps from my blog site check out this blog...I hope your ghastly gallbladder is fixed.

nomadcraftsetc said...

What a fun collection! I collect spoons, but not children spoons. I loved reading this blog post! Thank you so much for sharing!

Kiki & Punkin said...

I have the snoopy spoon from when I was little. How cute!

p.s. I love, love, love your etsy shop! I've never see so much fun jewelry made with resin!