Monday, April 19, 2010

one of my little explorers

one of my little explorers
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Just spending some time uploading photos I took over the weekend. This is my little guy exploring the creek & having great fun playing outside in the yard. Isn't that tree incredible? It's so big I think it would take 6 grown men holding hands to hug it. The weekend was chilly, but thankfully the sun was out & the kids could enjoy it. Hubby planted over 30 new trees to help build up the woods even more. We're done mowing the bigger hills...saving time, energy, & gasoline & just letting nature take it back. The kiddos really love exploring in the woods....and it makes me remember how much I love it too.


2kutekreations said...

hey there, awesome tree over there. How fun! I can't wait to move to the mountains, I am not a city girl :p

Hello there! My name is June said...

The mountains would be lovely! I'm not a city girl either...although we lived in Chicago & New York & I appreciated the convenience of everything. Nothing beats sleeping with the windows open & hearing the night music such as crickets, a train in the distance, & peepers...and no car alarms, fire trucks, or drunk people yelling.


Glenda said...

Wow, that tree is fantastic! It sure is gorgeous where y'all live.

"no fire trucks" -- Ironically, I heard a whole bunch pass our house earlier tonight. A couple months ago, someone ran a stop sign a few houses over and hit another car, with one of the cars ending up ramming into a tree in a neighbor's yard (if not for the tree, the car would've been in the house). Yes, I would gladly give up some conveniences of living in town in favor of not hearing those kinds of sounds at night!!!