Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's that time of year again... Candy Making Time!!!

I've been making batch after batch getting ready for our little church's holiday bazaar. The recipe I use is one of those magical secret ones belonging to our grandma, but if you would like to try making this for yourself & have your entire house reeking of cinnamon & peppermints like mine, the package of candy flavor oils includes a great recipe!
I'm mostly using Lorann oils...and they are yummo! If you can't find them locally...then you may find them here online.

This is the work in progress... reducing the sugar down. I highly recommend getting an accurate candy thermometer. The one I had last year was tricky, but this year I'm using a digital model. Super high tech, eh?

I'll upload pics of the finished lollipops & jars of candy tomorrow. So far, everything I've made is red & I'd love to share a rainbow of candy pics with y'all.

Feel free to comment me any questions & stay crafty!

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