Wednesday, March 14, 2012

isewcute is at it again & it's national craft month, so let's glitter another ikea table & make it a work of art!

You may remember my glittery pink table that I submitted to ikea hackers last year. Well, I'm at it again! This time in silver and black!
Today it was so incredibly warm & sunshiney, and my ikea 'lack sofa table' which I've been using as my sewing table sure could've used some glitter-goodness, so I grabbed my resin, paint, masking tape & silver glitter & got busy!
This is the look I was going for! I can't wait to take off the painter's tape, & finish the legs & get it back into my craft room, but alas...resin takes it's sweet time to set up.

So if you'd like to glitter your own table surface, you can do it!
I started out with this...not too pretty after 10 plus years I know it was very chipped along the edges & beat up.
I masked off the table's edge & the top portion of the legs so they wouldn't get gobs of resin or paint on them.
Then I sprayed metallic silver paint on the top.
While the paint was tacky, I tossed on the first layer of glitter.
Someone asked me how much glitter it takes & it really doesn't take much at all...(I used approximately 1-3 Tablespoons worth on this project). It's whatever you want really, because painting the surface first preps it & it all blends together.
Then finally I've mixed up my 2 part resin & added a dash of glitter to that for good measure. I poured it right down the center of the table & then with a sponge brush...smoothed it out to the edges & let it cure.
After a couple hours, I mixed up another cup of resin & did the same there's a nice ultra thick coat of glossy resin on there.
I love how this sparkles!
This is magical!!!
Now all I have to do is be patient & wait! I will share photos when it's finished. If you have any questions about this project, just leave a comment! I'd love to hear from you!

*Stay Sparkly!*


Knickertwist said...

Hmmm, I have a display table that I need to redo and this might be just the thing for my little faerie things. How durable is the finish? Can you clean it? Can you scrub it? Will it scratch easily?

Hello there! My name is June said...

It's pretty dang durable! It holds up great for washing down with soap & water, windex & clorox wipes. I would avoid abrasive cleansers just to be safe.
I'm giving this one 3 coats of resin. The first 2 had glitter mixed in & the final coating will just be for sealing it all & making the surface smooth. If your glitter is chunky it can take a few coats to make it smooth like glass.

Anonymous said...

What brand of resin did you use? Did you have any problems with bubbles?

Mesha, Vegan Princess said...

Wow :O this is so....cuuuute!! ^__^ I will definitely have to try this! What an idea! Adorable shop btw!

Hello there! My name is June said...

You can use any brand of resin found at your local hardware store which is meant for coating bar tops. Mix it well & pour it in thin coats & bubbles won't be an issue.
Mesha, thank you for the sweet compliment!

vertigoxcured said...

How do you keep the resin from running off the sides? is it viscous enough to just keep its shape and not run? or does your painters tape make a lip and keep it all in? (so many questions!) i have a few sponges i bought after i commented on your last glitter desk post! How do you spread it around? like using a normal paint brush?! I just want to make sure i understand because i only have one craft table and i dont want to ruin it! Thanks for your help!

Hello there! My name is June said...

Oh yay! Your comment just showed up! Guess I had to give it a minute vertigoxcured!
For the most part on this table, the resin stayed put, but I was absolutely sure that it was level before I poured...a lesson I learned from working on this one:
I poured more towards the middle of the table top... where it pooled & began to spread. I used the brushes to 'drag' the resin out towards the edges where it has a slight doming effect.
If you have more questions, feel free to comment again, or to reach me at facebook/isewcute. Cheers!