Thursday, December 11, 2008

Making Lollipops!

Last week I made some lollipops using a family recipe...and it was nice to be able to eat my creations for a change!

The kids were especially appreciative!

First you boil water, sugar & cream of tartar together...
...then add colors & flavors & pour into molds.

Sassafras & Cinnamon are my favorites I think...but they're all good & I always add more flavor than the recipe calls for to give them that extra kick!

Words cannot describe how good it smells in the house when I'm making candy...but if you've ever passed through Bryan, Ohio...and have smelled the candy being made at the Spangler candy company...makers of dum dum pops & candy canes...then it's kind of like that....only better!

...It just smells like Christmas to me!

I love how the lights from this little tree look when reflected in the pops setting up in the molds.

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Leslie said...

I enjoy making candy too. My favorite is chocolate suckers, imagine that hehe. Isn't it fun? There are so many yummy flavors.