Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Party UPDATE... was the best fun ever!

The birthday girl was so suprised by her personal kitty photo necklace! She squealed, "Oooh! It's MY kitty in there!"
My heart was so happy it nearly burst from her reaction!
She showed it proudly to everyone & they were all asking me how I made it! I think I may be teaching a local resin class soon!

It was a rock n roll theme birthday party!!! The kids had music & crazy dancing... fun with bubbles & awesome goodie bags with rock n roll star shaped glasses!

There was a PiƱata too! of the best parts of the party! Here is a photo of the aftermath!
Each kid got a whack... nobody got hurt, and everyone went home with oodles of candy & plastic trinkets... real treasure!!!
We ate cookies, cake, ice cream & had punch to much sugar!
The kids played outside with the birthday girl for awhile after the party was over... a good thing to use up some of the energy from their sugar-high!
When we got home, my little girl passed out on the couch almost immediately...& my son refused to take a nap...although I think he needed one pretty badly!
We saw the birthday girl the next day & she was proudly wearing her kitty I took a quick photo to share!
Nothing beats having one of my creations loved this's what keeps me know I've made something really special to someone!


rmgales said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. I love the green sunglasses, lol.

Jaime said...

How awesome! Glad the birthday girl loved it so much. :)

Penelope Anne said...

FANTASTIC! I love that sax! I bet the kids will never forget it! WOOT!!