Monday, March 8, 2010

Easy Spinach and Pesto Pizza...what's for dinner tonight!

This is what we're going to have for dinner tonight & you can have it also! It's my easy peasy spinach pesto pizza! You may omit any ingredients & add in your own to suit your taste. If you like mushrooms... go for it! If you hate pepperoni...then leave it off! That's the great thing about's so easy to swap out ingredients to make a unique pie that will make your tastebuds say, "oh yeah...that's the stuff!"

Here's a list of ingredients I used:
boboli pizza crust...the original
pesto sauce
minced garlic
olive oil
fresh spinach
package of shredded pizza was a mix...but just good ol mozzarella cheese is fine
fresh tomatoes

First I cooked down the spinach with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil & about 5-6 tbsp. of pesto sauce, plus about a teaspoon of garlic.

Then I spread the boboli crust with a couple tbsp. of pesto sauce... I believe when it comes to pesto if a little is good...then a whole lot is better!

I layered the cooked spinach onto the crust.

Next, I tossed on some pepperoni.

Then added the cheese...

And finally topped it off with thinly sliced tomatoes (see first photo at top)

I'll cook this at about 375 degrees for 25-35 min... until the cheese is bubbly & the edges of the crust look toasty!

It will make your house smell like an authentic pizzeria... according to my father in law who remembers the sweet smells coming from his Italian grandma's kitchen.



Maggi said...

Ooooooo that looks soooooo good!

Liz said...

I made this tonight & it was AWESOME! You tweeted about it just as I was going food shopping, so I grabbed some pesto & spinach then. Added Pine Nuts for some extra crunch.

TR!LO said...

YUMMMMMM put that pizza on the mail to Holland!

MegExpressions said...

Thanks for the great dinner tip June! This will help me use all the spinach in my fridge!

Hello there! My name is June said...

I'm so happy y'all like it! Pine nuts sound fab Liz! I'm going to remember that when I make it again!