Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning the Craft Room...

It had to be done! I was feeling smothered & not wanting to end up like any of the folks on TLC's show "hoarders" ...I organized, decluttered, hung up some artwork and unearthed some projects I'm very excited about finishing!

What's this? I can actually see a table top! ...well, sort of. This is where I set up the tabletop easel to paint...or I can assemble my jewelry. I've added the swing arm lamps so I won't be straining my eyes in the kitchen while doing that any more. The bins to the left are storage for etsy stuff...both works in progress & finished pieces. I love the pink tool box! It came from Joannes & a portion of the purchase price went to help fund breast cancer research. On the wall, the white matted prints are some of my photographic artworks...and the sweet big eyed girl print without the border is by thedreamygiraffe on etsy!

This wall hasn't had anything on it since I painted the room ages ago. The photos were leaning against the wall in a corner & the prints (found on etsy) were taking up valuable table top real estate. From left to right & top to bottom there's a photo of 'Lovers in Boston' 'Ballet Practice' 'Bike Week Vendors' 'Bike Week Couple' 'Conversation Cats' 'A Very Crafty Girl by thedreamygiraffe on etsy' 'Dog Profile' 'Knitting by LauraAnderton on etsy' 'Hillary Clinton's Body Guard' 'Extraordinary Crafty Girl by thedreamygiraffe on etsy' 'Kit Kat Clock' & 'Ode to The Golden Girls by elloh on etsy' ...whew! I still have some gaps to keep adding art to the wall if I come across anything else I can't absolutely live without! I do have a few more pieces to get framed that I just bought a couple of weeks ago.

Over here, I'm hoping to get some of the projects in the boxes on the top shelf free up some shelf space for my dream pets.

These cuties can keep me inspired & smiling while I work.

I found a fabulous big box of crayons that had been squirreled away for far too long.

This is going to be a full size quilt for my the time we convert her daybed/crib to a big girl bed.

I found bunches of fun fabrics that beg to be made into something...anything really! I'm thinking baby doll accessories for my girl.

Now I'll be so inspired that it's like being pulled in several directions at the same time....but the overall feeling is all feng shui & I want to spend all my time in the craft room which I used to refer to as my clutter-closet!

If you're looking for me...I'll probably be in here...making something!


boutiquekarma said...

I love your space! It is so pretty and inspiring.

Sarah Duede said...

Your craft room is adorable! I love the happy colors and the wall o art. That's a great idea. It made me want to get my room all set up. Very cool.

sassypackrat said...

I've seen your "clutter closet" before so it's nice to see it now is a real craft room that you can use. Nice job!

Emily Pickle said...

Fab working space. I really need to organise. I love your fabrics for your little girls quilt. Also really like the flamingo... Kate xxx

Glenda said...

I love your crafting room!! It definitely seems like a place conducive to being creative. Lovely colors, great art.

headchange said...

I agree the colors are great. Now I am inspired to find my table top.

Jess said...

So Jelous! Love Ellohs work! I want his dirty dancing print!