Friday, August 6, 2010

How a Crafty Sewing Type of Person Can Make a World of Difference for a Child in Haiti

I need to participate in this super charity called "Dolly Donations" sewing adorable dolls for the children in Haiti.
Things are usually pretty crazy-busy around here...I've got kids starting school for the first time soon, we're refinancing the house, I'm running 2 etsy shops & handling the general everyday chaos & keeping the family glued together.
Somehow, some way I must block out some time to make a friend for a child to hug & feel the love they so desperately need.
You can make a difference too!
I believe they are accepting dolly donations until Nov 1.
There are free patterns on the blog with tutorials & tips!

Let's do this!

C'mon now...It will be fun!


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sassypackrat said...

Wonderful idea! I know my mom and I will sew dolls to send.