Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Simpsons Made it to their New Home!


So the Simpsons Nativity made it to it's new home today & I can post photos for y'all to see!
It was the most time intensive swap I think I've ever done on craftster, but completely fun & totally worth it! I know my swap partner will enjoy it for years to come!
Here's a top view:

This is what they looked like after they were baked, but not yet painted. Part of me liked them white & could visualize them coated with glitter just like this...but I just knew I had to paint them up in the Simpson's colors! I did toss on some glitter during the clearcoating step at the very end though!

Now I'm on to a new project & cannot wait to share with you my 'fairy sweet cupcake' embroidery!

Photos & pattern soon!


Glenda said...

Dang, June, those are FABULOUS!!! I bet your swap partner was tickled pink to get those :). You know these will be Wisted all over the place, right?!!

rock fabric scissors said...

OMG I so want one of these! I was wondering where you found it, then read the blog. What an incredible project!

Want want want!

Hello there! My name is June said...

Thanks guys!
I've been wrangled by my hubby to make them for him, because he couldn't believe I was making them to give away in a swap & said that I never make him anything like this. I know pixieval will love hers & give them a good home! She had been looking for a Simpsons nativity & we suppose that nobody has made one yet for the mass market. I bet some company will get the idea to mass produce them someday though.