Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Babygirl Turns 4!!! Part 1... the Cake

She's a big girl now & there's not much left of that chubby, cuddly, ball of baby that she used to be. Now she's all a go-go. I only get hugs when she's tired or hurt except for the occasional leg hug while I'm working in the kitchen. She had a fabulous birthday even while having a bit of a head cold from starting preschool a couple of weeks ago & being exposed to different things.

She helped mix up her birthday cake batter...not to be outdone by her older brother, but she left the decorating to me thank goodness. I had her cake all planned before our summer vacation, but one day while shopping at Michaels Craft Store for supplies, I saw the Wilton Carousel Cake Decorating Kit on an endcap & knew we had to have it.
Babygirl was turning 4 & there were 4 horses!
She adores carousels & anything having to do with horses, ponies, unicorns... you get the idea. We HAD to have it.

The kit is fabulously detailed & super easy to clean up. The pieces are made of sturdy plastic & are not flimsy. My only gripe with the kit is that the poles do not snap into the casings to hold the roof in place very well. The lid could easily be knocked off & it took a bit of creativity & some scotch tape to get it to work for me. It was worth it though! The look on my little girl's face when she saw it was priceless....not to mention that Mama had the best fun ever decorating it with pink buttercream, sprinkles, edible glitter... yes! That is glitter you can eat!!! ...and of course tinkerbell. The original cake I was going to make would have been fairy themed, so tinkerbell was paying homage to that.

It was fun for everyone! Even my father in law ate the cake!

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CreaCuties said...

Wat een droomtaart! Geweldig! Love it!