Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making a Meal with the Divine Ms. Clara - Great Depression Era Cooking

I just stumbled across this wonderful lady, Ms. Clara, on youtube this morning & I wanted to share her with y'all!
She hosts a cooking show & in this one, you'll see her make a poor man's feast from the depression era. It's a simple recipe & a little history lesson too! Enjoy!

She is a true gem & reminds me of my Nana who lived to be 98. I miss her so much.


val said...

Hi there! I am so delighted to have shared this with you, thank you for adding it to your blog :0) I was born as the war ended but my parents generation lived through those hard years. My dad was a coal miner and we lived in the Yorkshire coalfields in those days.
I am hoping to find a way to send softies to Japan, that is how I came across your interesting blog. Living in the UK I haven't found anyone organizing a softie drop off. I perhaps could send them to Australia and they could go with theirs.
I have a line on a shop that may be collecting quilts in the Uk but I have softies ready to go!
Have a happy crafty week :0)
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

Jaclyn T said...

I love being thrifty! I've given you a "Sunshine Award..."