Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Goes in with a Sprinkle...Comes Out with a Twinkle - Makit & Bakit

I purchased a couple of those "makit & bakit" suncatcher kits for the kids to try from Hobby Lobby.
It was a good project for their age(4 years & up). This activity kept both of them interested & busy for a good half hour or so!

I had a lot of fun because I remember making one of these with my mom back in the 80's.
Although we had a couple of re-do's because the frame had lifted off the tray & the plastic crystals all ran together, they were determined to start over & make it work.

They had fun matching the colors to the sections based on the packaging photos & were so proud to see how well they turned out after I had baked the suncatchers in the oven.
They proudly hung them up in their rooms!

If you'd like to do this activity with your kids, you can find the kits at Hobby Lobby or buy them online here at Craft Supplies for Less.

I give this craft kit 2 thumbs up for ease of use, affordability, & great nostalgic sparkly fun!

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