Saturday, February 26, 2011

isewcute has been working on many custom resin jewelry items lately

London Beauty Queen contacted me through my etsy about doing a unique item for them based on another custom heart I'd made for a girl who loves makeup & fashion.
This piece has their hame surrounded by stars, lipstick, lips, the union jack flag & a London double decker tour bus.
It has oodles of various red glitters mixed in to make the design pop. There's so much depth to this piece.
I'm so thrilled & excited about this pendant!

I just have to share this one even though it's one I did at the end of last year, because it's one of my favorites I've made so far...for a friend who loves to stitch.
I cross stitched the heart pattern & embedded it within the piece, then surrounded it with all kinds of glitter & heart shaped sparkles!
It was a lot of fun to experiment with & a real challenge keep the bubbles to a minimum. They kept appearing within the fabric, but in the end it came out amazing!

This piece is for a special friend of mine who wanted something specific to show her school pride.
I sculpted the icon & glittered it, then embedded it within the resin & tossed in a dash of various glitters & filled it with a gold leaf type of flake glitter.
It's incredibly sparkly in all kinds of light!

Here we have 2 different charm bracelets that were custom orders for folks who are loving my original initial hearts & rainbow candy sprinkles name necklaces.
I may have to make these available in the shop if I have enough requests for them.

I always have fun mixing & blending different glitters to make a rainbow effect within my resin heart necklaces. This one has a bit of a tie dye look with all the bright glitter going around the pendant.
I do have several glitter hearts ready made in the shop available right now for purchase.

There are a few pieces in the works right now, but I can surely do more!

If you're interested in one of a kind unique resin jewelry, please send me a message through my etsy shop & I'll work with you to make you something fabulous!
Prices are comparable to other items in the shop based on size & materials.
Custom orders are my favorite!


Only Melody Remains said...

My heart made your blog!! I feel so special :D

Thanks again for your lovely work! <3 Can't wait to get it and be full of Bulls pride!

chellerock said...

LOVE the shape of that heart. its heart to find super cute heart mold. may i ask where you got it? or did you make the mold yourself?
i am feeling re-inspired lately to pull out my resin and need new molds.

<3 michelle

Hello there! My name is June said...


You can find great molds from happilymarriedartists on etsy as well as! Did you see the unicorn I'd made for my daughter? Best resin fun ever!

I'm so glad you're inspired!

Hello there! My name is June said...

Hey Kris,

You know I put a lot of love & work into your piece! Guaranteed you will never ever run into another person wearing the same thing!


Hello there! My name is June said...

Michelle... I had their name wrong, so here's a link for you: