Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Necessity is the Mother...

I've been worried about my kids because this winter has not been the best one for our family healthwise.
With the dryness of winter air & constantly breathing through our mouths rather than our noses due to a cold, we've been going through a lot of lip balm to keep from getting chapped.
My 4 year old girl loves lip balm so much that she practically goes through an entire tube in a day or two...which has had me extremely concerned.
I've thought to myself, "What's in this stuff?"

Deciphering the label on the tube she'd been using most recently, it's practically Greek to me, so I get the idea that maybe I could mix up something here at home with all natural ingredients.
I found a lot of info on how to go about making it from various websites such as craftster & blogs. Armed with the info, I set about ordering supplies & was lucky enough to find most of the supplies I wanted locally & the rest were easily found on etsy!
This morning I whipped up a batch & experimented with various flavors...and my house smells just like I'd made Grandma's Christmas candy!

The lip balms turned out fantastic! They glide on smooth, moisturize well, and taste fabulous! One little batch made so many, that I'm sharing with friends & family. Something this good is hard to keep all to myself!


Kimberlee said...

What a great idea. Maybe I will give this a try. Better than buying a lot of chemicals to put on my lips.

Edible Art said...

oh wow, thats amazing!
and to make something `specially for your daughters safe-being (:
very touching indeed, you should post up "recipe" for it!