Thursday, February 10, 2011

A preschooler's breakfast dream come true! They Like Them...Green Eggs and Ham!!!

We are celebrating a milestone at my house. My boy can read! Inspiration came from the latest bedtime story... so I made a promise to cook him green eggs and ham for breakfast.

Mommy thinks this looks pretty gross...but babygirl thinks it just looks pretty!
I colored the ham with liquid food coloring dripped into a sandwich bag & just mooshed the color around until it was covered completely. For the eggs, I tried to make a hole in the shell & drip color in ...which didn't work. I settled on dripping color over the yolks & letting it run down into the whites...where I mixed it a bit with a fork.

I haven't seen smiles this big in the morning in a long, long time!

I can't believe they cleaned their plates!


SewSweetStitches said...

OH my gosh that looks hilariously disgusting! I can't believe they ate it either! But what a cute idea, that's a really sweet thing to do.

prettybottles said...

hey! in an effort to get my 18 month old to eat greens, i like to blend a handful of spinach with an egg and scramble it for him. it's healthy and he really likes it! and it's very, very green!