Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine Jewelry Galore! I've been crafting so many glitter hearts & other fancy resin baubles!

isewcute has been working hard on casting new & beautiful resin glitter jewelry just in time for Valentine's day!
This fabulous big glitter heart pendant necklace has the most magical blend of sparkly glitter in ruby red with accents of purple & silver added. I'm planning on making rings & earrings to match because I adore this color combo.

Almost everything in the shop is packaged up in these cute reusable heart shaped gift tins! They're perfect for gift giving... or just spoiling yourself a little.
If you would like a custom sprinkles heart with your initials, or a sweetie's initials, please do contact me through etsy! I adore custom orders!
Speaking of custom creations, this "I Love You" heart is one of a kind. I designed it with 4 cherub characters making a frou frou fun design around the letter beads & filled it with sparkly black glitter. It's bold & eye catching & the only one in the world! It would make a great gift for someone who appreciates truly one of a kind items.
Here are some lovely silvery red glitter heart dangle earrings I made which are both perfect for Valentine's day & every day wear for the girl who likes to show off her romantic side.
Now this fresh & flirty ring is one of my latest creations which has a real starlight mint inside...along with glitter & the cutest (kawaii) polka dotted heart. If you like your rings the-bigger-the-better, you can appreciate the beauty of this conversation piece!
Pink is my personal favorite color, so I consider this beautiful glitter heart necklace to be my la pi├Ęce de la resistance. It has all the shimmer & sparkle a gal can hope for in a glitter heart.
This darling modern love-heart glitter ring is one of my latest experiments. I often do test pieces to see what would happen if I mix color a with color b & when I popped it out of the mold to see it for the first time, it took my breath away. There is a galaxy of multi colored sparkles dusting the face of this ruby red heart. It's simply magical!
I haven't decided if I have to keep this darling little kitten, or if I'm going to list it in the shop so it can get a new home. Maybe if the right person came along, I'd let it go. She's one of a kind & so cute, but until then, you can find many of my cat necklaces here.

I have even more to come to isewcute in the next few days! New glittery resin heart pendant necklaces, rings, earrings, and more... so come on by & see it for yourself!

*You can also find most of my Valentine resin jewelry listed in this section of the shop for easy shopping:

Thanks for looking & stay sparkly!


LimeRiot said...

Everything is wonderful and so festive for the upcoming holiday!! I especially love the mint ring :).

Linnzy said...

Hi there! do you take special orders? I need a pink sparkly heart that is about 6 - 8 cm high....It should have a flat backside.

i've been looking all over without result.

// Linnzy -

Belinha Fernandes said...

How do you create these things?I've been to your Etsy shop. Those necklaces are so cute. If I was a young girl I would be your client for sure! Can you teach me? Is there a link somewhere?Is this difficult to make or expensive? I am almost without work and I am so desperate for a new computer.If you just could see my laptop.:( I am planning to create some dolls and other things to sell. But these look so irresistable! Maybe I could try it. I am an ocean away from you so I don't think I can ever harm your business!Ehahah!Let me know and please don't think bad of me for asking, but things are so very hard in Europe right now, so everyone is trying to find alternative solutions for some extra cash...My email - belinha1(at)

Belinha Fernandes said...

Hiiii June! It's me again. No need to bother explaining how you create your marvellous work , I found a good tutorial in Youtube. Not difficult but not that easy when starting... or to achieve your quality :))
I'm not sure if I can find resine here. I've never seen that in stores. But I'm sure I can find it online.I think I am going to try it. My problem is the hole in the piece. I don't feel like spending money on a drill machine.But maybe I can find someone who does it for me. Anyway it was great to discover your blog and your work. If I manage to do it right I'll show it...:))Have a nice weekend!

Hello there! My name is June said...

Dear Belinha, I'm so glad you found some info! You can totally do it! It's such a fun craft & just takes a little practice like anything else I suppose! I believe you can do anything if you're doing what you love!
You can find a hand drill for the holes...or just buy some bails to glue on instead. Raydichroic on etsy sells the bails. Let me know how it goes! Cheers!