Thursday, January 5, 2012

You have got to see this Art by Don Cobb! It's a treat for your eyes!

Artist Don Cobb grew up in Texas & resides in Louisianna. His art is a reflection of his background & unique vision in a flood of wonderful washy colors layered over one another playing with light & shadow.
The themes of Don's paintings would appeal to a wide variety of folks looking for something comforting & yet sometimes still edgy.
This piece makes me want to pull up a chair & sit a spell!

I once had the pleasure of spending a lovely weekend getaway in a quaint bed & breakfast smack dab in the garden district of New Orleans & some of Don's paintings bring me back to that lovely time with all the spice & culture that New Orleans has to offer in it's food, music, & beauty.
I remember watching rainbows come and go in the mist of water created by the paddle wheel on the riverboat tour we took.
If you ever have the opportunity to travel there, I highly recommend it! If you don't, then Don's paintings may be the next best thing!

I'm attracted to his work by the use of so many colors... makes me think this isn't the way the world really looks, but it's how I want the world to look! It's a real treat!
I also love his compositions & themes. I have my eye on this cherub painting which would look just heavenly in my little girl's room.

You know, father's day is practically right around the corner! What dad wouldn't appreciate one of these fabulous pieces? He doesn't need another tie, or bottle of cologne... give the gift of art because every time he looks at it, he will be reminded of how much he means to you & he will have it forever.
I personally adore the fender stratocaster guitars:
This piece reminds me of all the great western movies I watched with my dad when I was a kid:
The color here in this volkswagen bus painting is another that just grabs me...I love it!

These have been a few highlights that I'm personally attracted to, but you'll want to check out Don's etsy shop to see much, much more! So grab a cup of coffee & sit down to take a moment & enjoy & perhaps even enrich your life by purchasing your very own work of art.

Art is forever~

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Belinha Fernandes said...

Hi there! Saw that you are following me on We Heart it and clicked your link. You do pretty things! And this postage on paintings - by the way, they're great - on New Orleans is very nice. I like the city a lot. I know about it long before it has become famous due to tragic Katrina storm. And this was due to music. Also because Harry Connick Jr is from there and I have almost all his CD...I live in Portugal...not everyone here likes crooners or big bands!!! Thanks for the follow and hope you sell really well for Valentine's Day!