Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rabbit Care... Solution for Rubbing the Fur off the Heels May be a Soft Pet Bed

Some of you know that we celebrated our one year 'bunnyversary' last month. Yuki is enjoying her present...a lovely fuzzy pink leopard bed. Shhhh! Don't tell her that it was for a cat. She'd take offense. :)
For Christmas, we're going to get her one of these lovely 'Ugli' donut beds from thehareapparent on etsy... handmade especially for bunnies.

That way she'll have a cozy spot to rest in when she isn't in her cage during the daytime.
If you have a bunny & run into the same problem we have with your rabbit rubbing her heels raw from backing up against the wall of the cage, then one of these beds may be the answer.
Yuki had 2 dime sized raw patches on her feet because she'd do this & now that we've had the bed for a couple of weeks, her little feet are doing so much better & the fur is growing back.

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