Monday, January 19, 2009

isewcute is very excited to be taking part in Fred Flare's 'Snail Mail Valentines for Charity!'

I'm no cardmaker...buuuuut was so flattered when I recieved Fred Flare's invitiation... I just couldn't resist the challenge & came up with a design that I'm so proud of!
ALL the proceeds from the sales of Fred Flare's valentines will go directly to Elder Craftsmen, an NYC based organization that brings craft workshops to local senior citizens. Now how cool is that...keeping seniors crafty?
I knew from the start that the card would include more than just printed paper...& came up with the idea of including the silly fun cartoony avatar of myself wearing one of my mini sweetheart for sweetie necklaces!
It's printed on a heavy pink cardstock & I trimmed the edge with decorative scissors...punched holes for the ball chain... strung the necklace through the holes where it is hidden in a heart pocket on the inside.
It's a card & gift all in one!
Be sure to check out Fred Flare's blog about it!

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