Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not Really a Waitress... such a gorgeous nail polish color...

on toes & fingernails...but not on white carpet or a 2 year old!

My DD wanted to paint her toenails herself...but ended up painting our bedroom carpet instead! I had a moment of panic when I saw her...thinking she had cut herself ...badly, as her right leg from the knee down was entirely blood red. I had a moment of relief realizing it was nail polish. Then finally I had a moment of panic when I realized...it's nailpolish!!!

She had gotten a bottle from the hall closet...which has a doorknob lock on it for toddlers...but the door must've not been closed for her to get into it. Now all the nail polish is on a high shelf...out of sight.

I grabbed her & tossed her pjs into the trash can...the fumes alone were terrible...and then went to work on her legs with baby wipes soaked with nail polish remover. After a very quick wipe down & into a bath...she was content to wash up. After the bath my husband & I went to work on the carpet.

Here's what we did: sprayed spots with a combination of goo gone & windex window cleaner & dabbed them with a rag. Once the thick spots were more like pink stains we worked them out by spraying windex & using the rag to scrub...as well as a scrub brush for the stubborn ones that had started to dry. THis left pale pink & blue (from the windex) on our carpet. I got out the oxi clean... heated 2 cups of water to near boiling & added 1/2 cup of the detergent & mixed well. Went back to the carpet & poured some onto all the remaining spots...& let it set for 5 minutes. Then I used my Hoover steam vac to suck everything out of the carpet & rinse.

You'd never know where the spot had been...unless I point it out! :o)

During this whole ordeal...it didn't occur to me to take photos...as you can probably imagine!


LittleGemsbyKari said...

pretty nailpolish- terrifing thought
i still remeber spilling minnie mouse pink nailpolish on my parents carpet and my dad when i was 5....

Michelle said...

what a adventure. glad i have a boy...although he'd probally do something similar with my art supplies!

thanks for following me on twitter! I love you blog, seems we have something in common ( i have a almost 5 boy) and we both love art! do you ever make pendants with crowns in them?

Hello there! My name is June said...

Kari... at least you are here to talk about it!

I wasn't mad when it happened...because at first I was so scared it was blood...and besides...she is only 2! Shame on me for leaving the hall closet open!

Michelle ...got to love the boys! Isn't 5 a grand age? My little guy is 4 going on 5 & the things he comes up with are just so creative! Does your little guy love trains? Ever since my little guy put his car toys end to end...I knew it was train love! Will hate to see him grow out of it one day!
I haven't made any crown pendants yet...but always welcome custom work! Just let me know what you have in mind! ;o)

Swirlyarts said...

Oh dear!! Glad you got it all out though!