Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Have A Winner! Think Pink - Breast Cancer Pendant Giveaway!

UPDATE: April 1 2009

Congratulations Jen

Baby Girl drew your name from over 20 participants through flickr, email, & my blog!

Thank you to everyone who participated, I really value your helpful feedback for improving my etsy & sharing your personal stories. Be sure to check back here for future giveaways! This was so fun!

Kind Regards,

(baby girl is wearing a hair bow clippie by supernerdstef on etsy & sweet dress is by wildolive kids on etsy...I made a mistake posting that it was the birdseed dress by PrettyMe on etsy...which we have & love...just wanted to give correct credit where credit is due)

This is my first time doing a giveaway on my blog! Yay!

The piece I'm giving away is my 'breast cancer hope' heart shaped resin pendant necklace!

I've known people who have had breast cancer & well as people who have suffered great loss due to breast cancer. This necklace was inspired by my own little scare a few weeks ago...which turned out alright...but the 'scare' of it is still with me. I think 'what if'...and look at my little ones & it shakes me to my core. I count myself lucky & feel blessed!

I made this pendant to work through some of my own feelings... may it be treasured & go to a good home!

The pendant is hand cast resin...with a pink ribbon symbol, various glitters, real cupcake sprinkles that look like the pink ribbon symbols, & more glitter. It hangs from a silver plated bail & an 18" metallic ball chain.

The value of this piece is $30.

To enter to win, all you have to do is visit my etsy shop & come back here to tell me three things in the comments below before March 31, 2009:

1. Your favorite item
2. Your least favorite item or what I should improve...I'm looking for constructive criticism help my shop be the best it can be!
3. What item would you like me to make in the future.

Be sure to leave me your email address, as that’s what I’ll use to randomly choose a winner at the end & notify the winner.

I will do the drawing & announce the winner on April 1st... no fooling! :o)

Please feel free to share your own personal experiences with breast cancer & how it has affected you & your loved ones. The greatest thing I experienced with my scare was the reaching out by tell me to be strong, hang in there, and to say they'd been through it & were just wishing me the best & thinking of me.

Sometimes the worst things in life bring out the best in people.



sip...the original skin drink said...

Wow.. saw you on twitter and we are so impressed!
Our fave item is the sweeties hearts pendant - all the cupcake sprinkles! we also love the heart shaped resin ring... lovely!

In terms of improvement - could you sort the items by type? e.g. rings, necklaces... or how about an 'if you liked this you might like this'

you remind me of anna lou of london (check her out for more inspiration!)

I'd love to see a bird of somekind or even an I heart sip (thats our drink!)

gen from sip x

Pretty_Bamboo said...

Well I guess I will be the first to leave you a post. Before I give my own personal feedback to your etsy shop I just wanted to say what a wonderful giveaway you are doing. I too have recently been touched by breast cancer and I am happy to say our friend of the family is recovering just fine thank God! What a blessing!

Now my feedback:
I really like glitter resin heart necklaces that you make. I think you should advertise and make more of these because it feels good as a buyer to see differnt options and to be able to choose the color you like! Yippee!

What I do not like is the santa resin necklace. I think seasonal items like this will be very hard to sell in your shop unless it is that particular season. It kind of doesn't fit with your colorful spingy like feel as well.
I hope this feedback helps you

All the best!

Barbara Lil Dab Designs said...

I love everything in your shop it was hard to pick,I lost my mom to cancer so the feeling really hurts,Wearing this necklace would help abit and also it will hold on to the memories lost by my mom.I like this one. maybe if u show a close up of jst the carm then add more pictures in the items , it would be great.. But i must say you have what it takes to be a great shop!!

Nicola said...

Wow what fabulous news you got the all clear (and a great blog giveaway)
My favourite item is:
15153672 -Hearts Desire ... Ruby Red Resin Necklace...

I love the way you change the backgrounds to match the pendant (very treasury friendly) but instead of adding lots of other products to your products it would be great to have 1) A back view 2) maybe a picture including packaging? (useful if it's for a gift) 3) A picture on a dummy or neck to show scale?

Item for the future:
I think this breast cancer heart would be a fabulous addition to your shop (with maybe a small donation to Breast Cancer with each sale?). Another good option would be sterling silver fittings with no chain (maybe a thong?) for people who cant wear plated jewellery (like my mom)

Hope that helps
Nic xx

P.S> Glad you liked my flikr stream ;)

ContainsCaffeine said...

The pendant is awesome! Great contest for a good cause.

bigzo10 said...


wow great give away this would be amazing for me as i am doing the race for life to do with breast cancer in may (i have made some bright pink hot pants for me to do them in aswell lol!!)

i love the sweeties heart pentant (it look so good!!)

improvements ... well you could add more pictures of your items with people wearing them so people can see where abouts the go (e.g if they are long/short!)also make earings =]
i cant think of any more i just love your shop!

more things well defo more cancer neclaces also bumble bees flying across the neclace would be so cute =]

well thats all i can think off great give away can wait till 1st of april


zoe xx

Kelly Monster said...

1: My fave item is this, I've wanted one ever since I saw it. I will undoubtedly buy once I get paid:

2: I love your stuff. Your items are great fun and beautifully crafted, the only thing I think that could be improved is your shop banner - It's a bit busy!

3: I love the heart necklace mentioned in point one - if you could make one with black/red balls inside I would love it. Or even black and silver. Actually both. I would buy them all, especially because they're so freaking reasonably priced!

Keep up the good work lady. x

Nurtured:Earth said...


I was drawn to comment on this not just for the giveaway but because a very dear & close friend of mine is a survivor of breast cancer, she is a great inspiration to me, her strength and determination won and she continues to be the backbone of a family of three boys and a husband! If I am drawn out for this item I'd definitely be sending to her as a gift, she emigrated to Texas and I miss not being able to visit her!

Your items are sweet, I like the lucky pressed clover best... I think the only thing I would consider adjusting is backgrounds for your images, some seem a little too busy in my opinion.

But anyway, I'm glad your scare had a positive outcome!

Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Came over from Twitter too!

Love the pendant. I love the solid pink heart.

I know a friend thru Etsymoms who is going through chemo for BC right now. She inspired me to have my first mammogram when I turned 35 and was eligible thru insurance last August. They found a spot they wanted to recheck.

I had a second mammogram and then a breast sonogram. I have a fibroid spot on my left breast. So now I have to go every 6mos for them to monitor it. I go this April 6th for my next mammogram.

Pattie Cordova said...

1. Your favorite item: the bunny pendants
2. Your least favorite item or what I should improve...I'm looking for constructive criticism help my shop be the best it can be!: consistent background in pictures
3. What item would you like me to make in the future.: hair accessories

sassypackrat said...

My favorite item in your store has to be the Cutie Pie Necklace. Sew Cute!

My least favorite is the Sweet Heart for Sweetie Ring. It's probably really nice but the picture is too red and you can't see any of the details.

Something that always seems to help people is a picture of someone wearing the item. People just don't read or seem to understand measurements so a visual is always helpful.

Love the Think Pink Pendant! Excellent giveaway.

Joycie said...

Anna titanium frames in Pink is my choice.

Angie's Musings said...

This is my fav item! So cute: Promises of Spring... a blushing heart pendant necklace... with an illuminating glittery sparkle... by isewcute

Any piece in your store would made a great ooak gift... no negatives.

I'm a ring lover myself, so more rings would be great!

Congrats on your great shop---

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am entering to win tha Great Breast Cancer Awareness Pendant! I am a first time Etsy-er, and I have to say, I really love your work. They are all really well made, and extremely creative! Well, you asked for some input about your page / products, here goes. My favorite item is the green fairy stuff. My least favorite was a hard call, but I would say it is the rings. They are well made, just a little big for my taste. As for suggestions, I was thinking maybe keychains, and book marks. Also theme wise how about skulls, angels, and maybe a devil or demon or two? Anyways, that is my two cents.

Jen said...

I like your "I Knit Therefore I rock" pendants cause I loom knit and I rock :-)

The only things that don't seem to fit in your shop are the embroidery pattens but if they sell then pooh pooh on me.

I had to enter your contest because I lost my mom to breast cancer back in 1994. So I'm always up for the Pink Ribbon

productsoftheday at gmail dot com

Giveaway Goddess said...

I really like the Twice as Nice Rainbow Sprinkles Star Necklace, i LOVE sprinkles.

It would be nice if you offered other chain options, the ball necklace thing is too teenage for me. I would pay a little extra for a chain upgrade.

Maybe something with a horse in it next?

freebloggiveaway at gmail

Karen (and Brian) said...

I love Lucky You...Lucky Me... a real pressed 4 leaf clover necklace.

One-of-a-kind items are always my favorite.

SO HAPPY to hear that you are okay. You and your family are always in our prayers.

minishoes said...

Promises of spring necklace is my favorite.

You could have angels or cats and dogs or vintage looking on your necklaces in the future.

I would like to see the marilyn monroe jewerly you have posted too.

I like your shop and have no complaints. thanks

madmad59 said...

I too am a Cancer survivor! I love the pendant. On your site I fell in love with the "Personal Custom Line Art Hand Embroidery Pattern made from your own Photo" ... I have 4 girls and would love to have each of them done. I would like to see a different chain on the necklaces, as my kids can only wear SS (allergic to nickle) ...would love to see socks your site. madly59

TheMenuMom said...

Hi, we lost an aunt to breast cancer. I would love to give this to her sister (my MIL) who misses her terribly.

I love all the sprinkle resin necklaces - so fun!

I am not so in love with the banner you have for your shop. I think you could show off your creations there in a more professional way.

I would love for you to make... HMMM not sure, I'm not real creative in that department. How about custom name necklaces for little girls?

Anonymous said...

Your show is awesome! I love the Princess Kitty version 3, how cool!!

I don't see anything negative, just a question; can the chains come longer than 16 inches?

My Grandma is 92 and was diagnosed with breast cancer over four years ago, she had radiation. It has all disappeared. She's going for a mamogram on Thursday. She prays to St. Jude everyday.