Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MissPrettyPretty has Proven a Child's Imagination is Bigger Than a Card Table!

Kids have big imaginations!

In fact their imaginations are larger than a card table!

This may look like a card table with a sheet thrown over it ... but to my kids, this is a castle...clubhouse...pirate ship...haunted house...& train station!

I remember playing in closets, under the bed, & 'under the table' as a child... it was a magical world of my own...which I shared (sometimes reluctantly) with my brother.

There is a fabulous shop on etsy called missprettypretty ...who's owner has a great imagination & has made card table play houses beautiful & oh so fun for children!

Her award winning 'little red card table playhouse' is perfect for boys or girls! You can read allbout it in Etsy's Storque article on eco friendly kids toys: http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/etsy-finds-eco-toys-for-tots-naturally-3642/
The 'fire station' promises fun for any little guy! Attention to details such as the cat in the tree & the flag are so wonderful!

I love the 'cupcakery' play house...with over 40+ interactive removable pieces to play with! It's like a felt play board and sweet secret hideaway all in one! Sure to keep kids busy & happy!

Her 'fairy cottage' comes with it's own fabulous interactive elements such as puppets, a mailbox with letters, and apples to pick!

Customization of missprettypretty's products is available...just send her a convo (message) through etsy & see what wonderful & unique creations she could make for your little ones!


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