Friday, March 6, 2009

Jumping is FUN!

I wish there was a way I could bottle his energy to use myself!

We didn't put a box spring under his mattress so his bed would be low enough for him to jump without making me worry much about him falling off. One time he did hit the wall...but was okay.

I face the fact that if a kid has a bed...they're going to jump on it whether or not they're allowed to do might as well make it as safe as possible. With a kid like this....can you blame me? His little sister has been jumping in her crib ever since she could I'll be ready to do the same for her when she graduates to a big girl bed.



...and she lived... said...

What a cutie! You are so right there is no getting around kids jumping on their beds. I love how you said "one time he hit the wall...but was okay". lol we've been there.

BOWquet said...

Great blog!

glassidentities said...

I am all for jumping on the bed.. I made sure and taught all my kids how to do it and do it right.. you get extra points for tricks.. and they get taken away if you get hurt...I still get caught jumping on the bed sometimes.