Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Decorating a Child's World Beautiful...

I love my kids''s just so relaxing and wonderful in their own magical spaces.
Even when they are a mess, which is all the time, I love just sitting in there while they play & looking at the things we've hung on their walls.

I've introduced my kids to all kinds of visual stimulation for as long as I've had kids! Babygirl saw her first real Warhol piece at the Dayton Art Institute's Marilyn exhibit before her second birthday...because mommy wanted to go & had no babysitter. I think she really enjoyed herself too!

We've decorated the walls of their rooms with a variety of things...taking into consideration what suits the kid's personalities.

Here are a few items in my daughter's room:

...a photo of my fairy baby... taken by mommy...and now her favorite activity is playing dress up!

...a couple of favorite newborn sized outfits ...reminds me of how tiny she used to be...

...a painting of a fairy castle...done by a personal friend...whose talent & creativity cannot be captured in words. If the house caught fire... this is one of the things I'd want to grab on the way out... it is stunning in person...she must've painted a million little colorful dots with a 1 or 2 bristle brush... of mommy's drawings of a little girl... because she saw it in my craft room & liked it...we moved it into her room...not that she's spoiled just a little! LOL!

In my boy's room we started out decorating with a little retro/vintage flair...

I picked these up at a flea market in Chicago...they're just pages from an old 'Dick & Jane' book that have been mounted & framed...

...these are vintage die cut nursery wall art ...that used to hang in my husband's well as his father's... I love them to pieces!

...this is a cross stitch panel done by the kids' loving aunt... she's wicked talented with a needle!

...and this piece is a photo that my son & I purchased together from an etsy shop called WideEyedPhotos...
...we were searching for trains...and came up with this sweet little Jack Russell Terrier standing on some tracks. He loves it... and so do I!

I hope you liked looking & if you have kids...or are going to have kids...hope you enjoy their rooms as much as I enjoy mine!


2 comments: said...

hi June out visiting tonight
mona & the girls

Becky said...

June- love the ideas!! I guess we can add photography to your list of talents. Your girl makes a great fairy!! I needed this inspiration... have always wanted to make my kids rooms more fun.