Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fascinating Fascinator/Hair Clippie for Tots with Fine Well as for Mommies who Like to Feel Pretty!

Baby hair is so fine & sometimes it's fabulous when I come across something that really holds & makes my little girl feel all dolled up!

This sweet 'must have' accessory is handmade in Madrid by the talented Lilzahira on Etsy!

Not only is it a hair clippie, but it can also be a brooch! I borrow it sometimes...until DD makes me give it up!

Here are some other items that caught my eye:

Another color combination for the clippie/brooch called 'moss' ... it looks so dressy in grown up's hair too don't you think?

Stunning pink & black beaded choker... isn't it scrumptious?
My favorite color!

I also love some of Lilzahira's more 'gothic' looking beadwork like this red & black beaded cross.
She has many styles & colors if this makes you hungry for more, you're going to have to check out her shop for yourself!

If you haven't considered shopping for handmade items internationally...why not give it a try? You could be missing out on something wonderful!

I highly recommend Lilzahira because of her quality & attention to detail in her well as beautifully packaging her items for shipment. She is very convo-friendly...a total joy to do business with & her English is fabulous! I had no idea that English was a second language for her! She also speaks French & Spanish! communication was great!

She puts a lot of love into what she why not check out her shop for yourself?


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Reesa said...

LOVE her creations! Went to Etsy and added her shop to My Favorites list.