Sunday, April 19, 2009

It is possible to embroider and eat ice cream at the same time!!!

I was having a dilemma...albeit a minor dilemma... while working on embroidering a tea towel for a craftster swap I'm involved in.

The urge hit me to indulge in some ice cream...& that is a hard urge to ignore when you like ice cream the way I love ice cream & I was in the zone getting my craft on.

When the work just flows & the excitement is there to see a project coming's difficult to stop... even for ice cream!

So I got on twitter & tweeted about my little problem:

...and the response to it was huge... for me... I'm not talking Ashton Kutcher huge I'm not that popular yet... LoL! ...but fellow craftster craftydame gave me the answer I was looking for!
Thank you craftydame!!!! It's the answer to a crafty ice cream lover's dream!!!
So head on over to Jesse Kate's blog to enter her giveaway for 'the best invention ever'... the drip stick!

Invented by a mom, it enables you to eat your icecream without the more sticky hands & you can set a cone or popsicle down to free your hands for embroidery ...or anything else you need free hands for!

Happy crafting/eating everyone!


Chedder Fish said...

I've seen these at Walmart and always think about picking them up for my nephews but never for myself! Great idea.

Kris said...

Hey June!! I think you and I have a lot in common my friend! :) I'm so glad that someone tweeted you about my recent discovery and giveaway! Isn't that amazing how that can work?!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to embroider as well...I hadn't even thought of this! It sure is an awesome little invention! Thanks so much for finding my blog and for the shout-out today! I look forward to following yours as well!