Saturday, May 16, 2009

Biker Chic(k) ...a new trend?

Browsing the spotlight section of Etsy's Storque I saw this article which really peaked my interest... Biker Chic!

I believe that the biker style is more 'timeless' than trendy, however I am thrilled nonetheless to think that a couple of the projects I have waiting in the wings are considered to be 'on trend' at etsy!
Most of my current selections are sweet & cute & I'd love to bring a little edginess in to balance things out...the ying to my yang!

In photography my passion is taking photos of people. I find all types of people fascinating & love capturing a moment in time. My favorite subjects to photograph are men & a raw & 'shoot from the hip' style of street photography.
My art photography is very different from my 'family snapshots'...more gritty, dirty, & in your face.
I'd love to hear any feedback on what you think of this new artistic endeavour!



amy said...

oh, i'm excited to see the your edgier stuff! i love the sweet and cute, but i would never wear it!

Kelli Ward-Sturgill said...

Can't wait to see those projects you have on the backburner.

I dig shoot-from-the-hip in a documentary style, seems more true to life and honest for me, but I still can't give up my love for editorial posed photography either.