Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nothing Beats Handmade Children's Clothing!

Today was an awesome day!
I'm doing a personal swap with elvissatx from over at Craftster & I received my package from her today!
The kiddos were thrilled when the mailman rang our doorbell and then delivered a package for them! Usually the kids are disappointed because the mailman only brings things for 'Mama's work'...but today was special! I was only expecting a package for my DD...and was delighted to find one inside for my boy as well!

They tore into the paper with glee!
At first babygirl didn't know what to make of her surprise!

With a little help from mom they were all dressed up in their new duds!

The little man is thrilled with his new fancy button up collared shirt & can't wait to show Grandma because green is her favorite color! The pattern on the fabric is a sweet retro print featuring kittens & puppies! Elvissatx even included a couple of extra case we lose one... does she understand little kids or what? The two of them look so darling, I'm thinking we should have their photo professionally done together! Getting them to stand still is like telling water to stop running down a hill though!

Mr. Handsome...putting on his sweetest smile!
Once I was done taking 'official' photos...babygirl knew what to do! She twirled & twirled on the porch & kicked up her feet to make the skirt all swishy! When I put her down for her nap just now, she was a little upset because I put pants back on her...she's got a couple of boo boos on her knees from a tumble in the driveway & we're waiting for them to heal a little more.

Spin! Spin! Spin!
I love these so much! When they're outgrown...we're going to pack them up for safe keeping & maybe one day I'll have a little grandson or granddaughter who can use them again! Handmade clothes like this cannot be compared with anything you'd buy off the rack at a dept. store. I can honestly feel the love that went into every stitch!
Thank you Elvissatx!!! Your work is stunning!...and you made my kids' day!


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kristina said...

your kiddies are sooo cute :)

Hello there! My name is June said...

Aw, thanks guys! I love hearing that the kiddos are cute... what momma doesn't love to hear that?

*grin* :o)

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How sweet! Thanks for sharing.