Thursday, May 28, 2009

Branching out...and trying new things...and loving the results!

More & more folks have been learning the craft of working with resin & I've taken some time to teach a few people how to do it through the tutorial on my blog & craftster as well as through convos back & forth on etsy & flickr because people are curious how resin jewelry is made & would like to learn.

It's so fun to share the knowledge & then see what people come up with once they get a handle on it. I don't mind sharing because the reward in knowing how much fun someone is having with it is unmeasurable!

I find it easier to instruct someone on the art of resin rather that the art of drawing because I find that resin is more technical when starting out. You have to pay attention to temperature & measurements & whatnot when working with resin...whereas I could show someone how I draw...I don't think I could make a universal 'drawing tutorial'.

Sprinkles & glitter are fine & super fun to work with...& although I don't plan on stopping any time soon, I'm finding that they are limited in of them self. The problem I'm having is that there are only so many combinations of colors you can do & since resin is most likely poured into a commercial person's design can be mistaken for another's very easily. I like making things that don't look like what everyone else is doing...& I'm aware of some crafters assuming others are knocking them that's a good scene to avoid altogether.

The new stuff I've been working on lately has been different from that of other resin jewelry crafters out there by mixing my love of photography or drawing with my love of resin...& now I've got a wicked fun variety of items available that don't only have candy & glitter in them or just appeal to teenage girls!

These are completely my work & vision! From the time I snapped the picture or put a pen to paper...they have an edgier, kitschy, pop art appeal to them that make them stand out from the crowd.

I personally love wearing one of my creations out & always get compliments & questions about it from total strangers!

The most fun I have creating something is when it's a custom item that is totally one of a kind...made with a special person in mind...and already knowing that it's going to mean so much to them.

This clover keyring was a custom order I'd made ...using a real four leaf clover I'd found. More clover items to come to the shop soon, as I've been finding them all over the place!



sassypackrat said...

I really like the new art you are doing now. You were wise to see the oversaturation of the market and re-invent your art.

LittleGemsbyKari said...

very cool! love the clover :)

loveofbeads said...

Love the new stuff!!!! Really great! Resin is so fun, and it is great to see some innovative stuff!

Can you believe I have NEVER found a 4-leaf clover?! Lots of luck must be coming your way! :-)