Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Bubble Fun! ...and a 'bubble stuff' review by isewcute

I can't remember to be sure...but believe we bought the bubble wand & pan in the $1 crack aisle at Target....really that aisle is so dangerous...because it's full of cheap fun stuff.
Of course the wand only lasted a few short days before the kids broke have discovered that you can take a pizza pan & an old wire coat hanger & fashion a virtually indestructable bubble wand...that is if you don't mind having your kiddos play with an old coat hanger!
(I highly recommend 100% parental supervision)
The bubble stuff we used to make these huge bubbles was made with "Dawn" brand dish detergent ...a real generous squirt... and enough water to fill the pan.
Some folks do movie reviews...I wish someone did bubble stuff reviews...after dropping a pretty penny on many brands that didn't live up to our hopes & dreams.
Here is my personal bubble stuff review:
The homemade stuff mentioned above works great...risk is the little kids could have bubbles pop in their face & get the soap in their eyes... outside it wasn't a problem for us...but in the bathtub, we prefer a commerical brand.
Miracle Bubbles... sucks ...pardon my french... but we've never had a bottle not worth just dumping down the drain.
Most generic brand bubble stuff we've used has been a let-down too.
Gazillion Bubbles... our brand of choice at the moment... the bubbles are long lasting ...and have that 'rainbow' effect in can buy it in huge bottles for under $10 at Target...but stock up while summer is here....because it's not in stores once it's sold out for the season! We need to stock up...which is why I used handmade bubble stuff for the big big bubbles!
soap + water + sunny day = big fun!


Jewels said...

My mom used to make me coat hanger bubble wands when I was a kid! (Necessity being the mother of invention and all, since we certainly didn't have access to 'dollar bins' in the '70s, in rural QC). Her detergent of choice? Palmolive! (the original green one) Best. Bubbles. EVER!
Thanks for facilitating a trip down memory lane for me today. Too cute!


Maria @BOREDmommy said...

My kids go crazy for bubbles - the bigger the better! Love the tips and especially adore the photo - now that's a bubble!!

Maria @BOREDmommy

MoonLightSally said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for the heads up on great bubbles!!

MunchkinMama said...

Oh my!! That looks like so much fun!