Friday, December 11, 2009

A Christmas Story ~ Christmas Cookies... got to love the leg lamp!

Broke in my new cookie cutter from the gift shop at the "Christmas Story" house in Cleveland.

My hubby is taking this batch into his work for a holiday cookie party. Next time I'm going to draw fishnets on the legs!

I will share the recipe shortly! I've just been swamped this week & must go pack some etsy orders! Can't keep my customers waiting!



sassypackrat said...

Oh how fun! The leg lamp rules!

Glenda said...

Oh, June, those cookies are adorably funny!! My hubby loves A Christmas Story and when I showed him those cookies he cracked up :).

Tricia said...

Haha these are great!
"Fra-gi-le... must be Italian!"
Awesome job on the cookies!

MegExpressions said...

hilarious! Christmas Story is one of my favorite movies....hadn't realized they had a store in Cleveland!