Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Christmas Story... Make the movie come to life by visiting Ralphie Parker's house for yourself!

For us it just wouldn't be Christmas any more without the tradition of watching this 'now classic' holiday movie "A Christmas Story!"

Over this past Thanksgiving holiday we were lucky enough to venture out to see the actual house that was in the movie...located in the Cleveland area.
The taken from across the street
My little 'pink nightmare' ...cardboard cutout photo taken in 'Ralphie's room upstairs'

Daddy's going to kill let's hide under the kitchen sink!

Photo taken in the front room with the infamous 'Leg Lamp' and a partially wrapped Red Rider BB Gun.
Someone had the brilliant idea to fix up the house & turn it into a museum of sorts. After a couple of tour buses left, we had the place virtually to ourselves!

We will definitely be going back to visit again. There were many items to see such as the kids' clothes, toys, and props. The gift shop had super fun things from leg lamps to BB guns & I scored a leg lamp cookie cutter for me, and a orphan Annie decoder pin for my boy!

On the day we visited, one of the actors...Jim Moralevitz, the guy who delivered the 'major award' was there talking about his memories of making the movie & behind the scenes info. Woo hoo!... a brush with a celebrity even!

The kids had a blast & we made a memory! After we came home, we watched the film together again & my boy was thrilled to know he'd been there in Ralphie's house!

Good times!

If you love 'A Christmas Story' and handmade items... I highly recommend you visit 'My Little Cabbage' on Etsy to purchase your very own 'Pink Nightmare' handcrafted felt ornament!
I've already ordered one & can't wait to see it gracing our tree this year!


sassypackrat said...

How fun that you can go inside and see everything! There is a house in my town that has the leg lamp in their livingroom window all year round. I get such a chuckle seeing it lit up at night! You know super fun people have to live there! ;0)

Maggi said...

That sounds like so much fun! I would love to see it in person sometime!a

AlwaysInspired said...

Oh my! My hubby would be soooo jealous! That is his favorite movie! We have a smaller version of the leg lamp (about 20 inches tall) that goes in our front window every year! It will get put up tomorrow in fact! Each year he gets the hallmark ornament from the movie as well. We watch it yearly and still love it!