Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Down and 5 to GO! Original embroidery for the Hoop up! Swap.

I've finished 1 of the 6 pieces in the Hoop up! Embroidery swap!

This is for j_q_adams ...and the theme is a fantasy woodland theme. I just knew it was going to be a blast stitching up some animals doing something fun!
I had a rough sketch of bears playing hopscotch in my sketchbook from awhle back & thought it would make a great embroidery pattern....so I drew it up...adding the tree & then stitched it!
The colors were 4 skeins of floss that John had sent me along with his fabric. I started with embroidering the bears first...and then just worked the rest out to make it look balanced.

I love it! It was hard to let it go!
I may list the pattern for this piece on etsy soon...when I can get a chance. I've been pretty busy lately!
(you'll see why in my next post!)
Stay crafty!

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teen girl said...

it look so sweet and unique. creative.