Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taste the Rainbow...Rainbow Cupcakes!

So many folks have asked how these were made...so let me share with y'all how I did it!

In one big bowl make the batter for your fav. chocolate cake. I made devil's food...for my father in law. (if you don't love chocolate...then you can go ahead & make 2 batches of white cake...it's worth doing 2 because there will be plenty to share!)
In another big bowl, make the batter for your fav. white cake. I'm not persnickety on whether or not you use grandma's secret recipe...or make it straight from the box. Either way will give you beautiful results...because these are all about the color!

Separate your white cake into 5 or 6 equal parts & color with food coloring as desired. I love my colors to be super bright when doing this in combination with the chocolate cake. (if you're doing just the white cake...pastel colors look so lovely!)

First spoon some choc. cake batter into the paper lined cupcake tin...filling just less than halfway.

Then start layering your colors in the middle of that one spoon full of color at a time & try to keep it centered to get a good rainbow effect at the end. Just an FYI...this is the color order I did with 5 colors: green, blue, purple, pink/red, yellow.

Bake them according to the directions on your recipe until a toothpick stuck inside comes out clean.

Voila! You've made edible art! Frost & decorate as desired!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting! I can't wait to make them with the kids this summer:)

Sarah Ajlouny said...

Thanks so much for the recipe!
I have to try it this summer! 3 more exams and my summer vacay starts!!
What a wonderful way to start a new summer!! I so wanna eat rainbow cupcakes!! NOM NOM!!
btw.. can you provide us with tips on how to bake cupcake tops.. I always get them somehow wrong!
what temperature do you bake your cupcakes with?

Hello there! My name is June said...

I'm so glad you guys will try them! My kids love them & I wowed everyone at our local craft bazaar last fall with a couple of batches of them!

Sarah, I baked them at 350 for close to 20 min...keeping a close eye on them. Sometimes my tops fall flat & think the cause may be not mixing enough...or filling the cups enough.

Hope that helps & please let me know how yours turn out when you do them! If you post photos ...I'd love to see them even!

Hello there! My name is June said...

...that meant to say 'not filling the cups enough'


Anonymous said...

How did you get the colors so bright and vibrant?

Hello there! My name is June said...

I used a really bright food colorant...it was practically neon. I've had good results using regular liquid food coloring that you can buy in all grocery stores, but it takes a lot...the more you use, the brighter the overall colors!