Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Abundance of New Resin Creations Made in a Single Weekend

This past weekend was ridiculously productive for me in that I got to work for two straight days casting new resin gems for the jewelry I sell on etsy. The weather here in Ohio was amazingly warm, so I just took all my supplies outside... glitter, resin, sprinkles, and worked in the sunshine for hours. I have cast enough pieces to have multiple new listings up in my etsy daily from now until the winter if you're looking for something new, different, & unique, please check out

Here are my most recent listings...actual items for sale now.

This is a very petite little pink resin glitter heart... so sparkly & girly.

I'm already starting to list some of my fabulous original Christmas designs like this lovely Santa resin pendant.

This giant dome ring is one in a limited series for kawaii (cute) animal lovers & Harajuku fashionistas.

You can see from this photo I will be pretty busy finishing these into wearable works of cute art! I'll try to get a few listed daily, so check back often for new designs!

If you would like anything custom made in your favorite color, theme, or even personalized, please send me a message through etsy! I'd love to hear from you & make you something fabulous!


GreenTease said...

Love it all!!! Resin is so amazing!!

Anonymous said...

omg! i love the panda and the santa :) Merry-almost-Christmas

Anonymous said...

i love the panda!!