Friday, October 8, 2010

A Little Etsy Love for Jerusha...

I just wanted to share with you all a fabulous shop I ran into on etsy when looking for cute clothes for my boy. Jerusha - Tree Town Batiks makes batik shirts in a wide variety of styles & designs for boys, girls, and adults too!

My boy was given a train shirt because he's seriously train addicted & it became his favorite. Seriously, if it was clean, he was wearing it. You'd think with all those colors, and being hand dyed with such bold colors, that the color would run or fade, and I can say it held up incredibly well! Since he is outgrowing it, I was thrilled to see that jerusha was still making that design & they made one special for me in a new size for my growing boy!

If you are interested in buying unique fun shirts for your tots, jerusha is a joy... just be sure to give them plenty of turnaround time to get your shirt made. If you're ordering for the holidays, don't do it only a couple weeks before Christmas & expect to have it in takes 2 -4 weeks to work this kind of magic. This kind of quality & charm takes get your orders in early!

It's really worth the wait!


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