Thursday, October 21, 2010

Itchin to get Stitchin Vincent Price!

With Halloween quickly creeping up on us, I've been in a horror/chiller kind of mood & when I signed up for an embroidery swap on craftster, was delighted to discover that one of my partners is into Vincent Price!
I had just designed a Vincent Price embroidery pattern & sent it around to some of my nearest & dearest fellow craftsters & stitchers the previous week...however I wanted to tailor this piece more to my partner & make it a bit more personal than using a pattern I had on hand, so I took a reference photo she provided & made this sweet pattern of a dashing young Vincent!

I love it & can't wait to get stitching on it, but have a list a mile long of things I must get done first.
This is just a photo of the pattern as I'm transferring it. If any of you fellow readers would like to know how I transfer my images, it's simple with a lightbox or a window.
Tape the pattern down so it doesn't shift...then tape the fabric over the pattern.
I place the hoop over it to be sure it's going to look right & that I have enough fabric all around so I can move the hoop as I stich if I need to.
Then I trace the lines carefully with a pencil. I would recommend a lightbox over a window because you can turn the light off to be sure the design is completely transferred.
Sometimes I miss a few lines here & there when being distracted by the kiddos.
So there you have it! No big secret & easy peasy!

Stay stitchy!


hotacrossbuns said...

cant wait to see the finished product!!! love it

Eve said...

Vincent Price, oh yes, I remember that scary dude!

My embroidery skills are no where near this level of craftiness, but I sure do like what you've done so far. :D

Knickertwist said...

I can't wait to see the finished piece either! Loves me some Vincent :)