Monday, November 1, 2010

My boy had a handmade Halloween!

About a month ago my boy was watching our dvd of Tim Burton's Willy Wonka & really liked, or rather, became obsessed with the oompa loompas & their songs & dances throughout the film. In the bonus features on the dvd you can learn to do 3 of the different dances & there's a sequence where you can 'dance forever'. My boy has been dancing ever since and asked begged me to make him an oompa loompa costume. Therein my dreams of him being a mini 'Dr. Horrible' were shattered... and I gave in to his pleading puppy dog eyes.
Good thing Halloween was coming up, so I had a real good excuse to go out & buy fabric.
The pattern was drafted loosely based on some clothes my boy already had.You can see he's waiting oh so patiently while I cut out the pattern pieces:

He's wearing cut off tights as socks...and with the extra fabric not used for the socks, I constructed the cuffs and collar. Sadly the only photo I took during construction was this part where I'm inserting the cuff into the sleeve:

The little triagle thingie on the front is applique & sharpie-colored felt. The whole thing pulls on like a jumpsuit...and has a velcro closure in the back. My little man hates having anything put on his face, but was so excited to have makeup on ...that was scary for me....knowing that eventually we would have to wash that crap off. We were able to wash most of it off that night & the rest wore off by Monday thank goodness...but he's home from school with a fever anyway.

The wig is an altered store bought rockstar wig. I didn't have any time left to knit him a hat as I'd originally planned. Oh well... so many crafts & never enough time!

He had so much was worth everything we put into it!

Oh, and here's a reference case you're not familiar with the character:

I posted this over on craftster... and if you'd like to see some fantastic handcrafted've got to check out their October craft challenge!

It's very cool! I know we won't win, but the happiness my boy has from living his dream is worth more than winning any contest!

Cheers & Stay crafty!

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karen said...

what a lucky young man, great costume!! thankyou so much for your lovely words too.