Monday, July 21, 2008

Crochet frustratingly fun!

Ok...after my granny square nightmare I dared to seriously study some charts on the basic crochet stitches.
I then applied that knowledge towards deciphering a hat pattern another craftster had given to me.

It's slow going...although I've been told it should be faster than knitting...I have hope!
So far this has taken me around 3-4 hours to do just this much...after
crocheting...ripping out stitches...going back & crocheting more.
Checking the stitches...
studying the pattern...
...and this is supposed to be fun & relaxing?!!! A great way to reduce stress?!! One day maybe!


Clare said...

I had the same frustrations when I taught myself how to crochet. Except I was silly and dove in the deep end! I finally found sense and went to the library and picked up as many beginner crochet books I could find. Was extremely helpful! Good luck! :D

Hello there! My name is June said...

Craftster is the most supportive community! I got a lot of help from various crafters, as well as doing a personal swap for books & other 'crochet aids'!

I'm well on my way now, and have made a couple of hats for my little monkeys!