Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Resin Angels Smiled on Me Yesterday!

Been crafting up a bunch of new treats for a swap on craftster! So much left to do that I probably should be crafting and not sitting here at the computer typing!

I'm just relieved that my jar of whimsies made it to it's destination in one piece! You can never fully trust the USPS for beans! I sent a package of chocolates to my folks priority mail...after 11 days it arrived...looking like a rabid dog had played with the box! It wasn't even really recognizable as a box any more!

I digress.... Here is some resin fun I had shared with another craftster...she tatted the butterflies & I molded the pieces. She took them to another level by beading cabochons around the ones I sent back to her. I love how they turned out...

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