Friday, July 25, 2008

Painting the Bathtub! A wonderful toddler activity!!!

What toddler doesn't enjoy having fun making a mess? Well, mine are no I came up with a plan to make painting not only fun...but easy to clean up!

All you need:
washable finger paints
a paper or plastic plate to use as a pallette
1" paintbrush...or sponge style brush
1 or 2 dirty little kids

Run a normal bath...add kids & paint...and watch the fun as it unfolds!

NOTE OF SAFETY! DO NOT LET THEM PAINT IN TUB WITHOUT ADDING BATHWATER...IF PAINT GETS UNDER THEIR FEET IN A DRY TUB...THEY CAN FALL! If you're still concerned with them slipping...then let them wear socks! Funny to see...but I've found that keeping socks on in the tub helps prevent a fall!

Clean up is Easy Peasy! ;^)


zukzuk said...

Lovely. My little guy loves to use washable crayons in the tubbie but this looks like waaay more messy fun!

That was a terrific Etsy treasury by the way, I so love the colours! Thank you for including my bears.

rhino said...

i do this with my kids only i tape on freezer paper to the tub and use the paper as gift wrap for presents a true hit on birthdays and christmas spray on glitter for a awesome effect.

John Mac said...

Looks familiar to me. They are so cute June- Can't believe how big they are!