Friday, September 26, 2008

Today was a productive day...just some rambling...

I love it when a plan comes quote Spiderman..I think.

Today I worked my tailfeathers off getting some crafts done for the upcoming pretzel fesival. Upcoming = Tomorrow
The kiddos have been so wound up lately too...literally 'bouncing off the walls.' It's a new game my boy towards a wall with outstretched arms and then push back off of the wall when you get there. I wouldn't mind it nearly so much if they would stick with solid walls and not the large glass panels of the sunporch!

My favorite little halloween pendant sold today. I only hope it's going to a good home! I replaced that listing with another halloween themed piece...a heart shaped resin pendant that says "BOO" with a little jack o lantern & candy sprinkles inside.

Now I'm going to buy some of that gorgeous looking soap!