Sunday, September 7, 2008

Resin Secrets Revealed! Aka my easy peasy resin tutorial!

I just wanted to share with everyone in case you are hesitant about trying to work with this fabulous material! It's not so bad!

Just click on image for larger size & print out. Resin is fun...addictive, and not a terribly expensive or time consuming craft to do!
I think it's sad when folks think they can't do something...just because of a fear of the materials...or for whatever reason they hesitate. If you never try'll never know if you can or can't do it! So if you're one of those on the fence about trying something...hop off that fence and get yourself going! Who knows, you might be the next resin goddess in your neighborhood!
*SAFETY UPDATE* courtesy of a fellow Etsy Member "Beyondtherockz"
They reside in Connecticut and create gorgeous jewelry individually designed and crafted by hand!
Here is a clip & paste of their resin safety warning from the forum...FYI...
"There are some definite safety tips needed when working with resin:- Use a respirator with appropriate filters- OR work with resin outside when it's not too windy or chilly or too humid. (Resin likes it to be warm and not too humid.)- Wear nitrile gloves. Why nitrile? Because you really really really have to protect your skin. If resin gets on it, and your skin reacts. You could have the kind of reaction where you will never be able to work with resin again. This is according to one manufacturer I spoke with who I'm pretty sure makes the resin in your photos.- It's important to know how to wash off resin if you do get it on your skin. It is not safe to use alcohol because that opens up your pours so resin will get in better before it gets completely cleaned off. I use a citrus-based cleaner, according to what the manufacturer recommended. Again, the alcohol information I'm sharing comes from the manufacturer.- If you wear contacts, take them out before beginning. Wear eyeglasses or goggles. Eyes must be protected.- Resin fumes are bad. Do not let your pieces cure in your oven, microwave or actually allow uncured resin anywhere near where you eat, etc.- If you're trying to get bubbles out, do not use a hairdryer (unless you are very, very careful) because resin can splat around and get on your skin. Do not use a lighted match or the like because it is flammable! Instead, use a heat gun. It works well ahd has saved many pieces for me that I know I never would have saved if it were for my trust heat gun. Sorry for the debby-downer type info, but I just want everyone to remember to be safe first when using resin. I think one of the problems associated with the product is that the reading material is too lengthy, too confusing, and just plain old difficult to ready being as tiny as it is. So when I see a thread on resin, I feel compelled to write in. Best of luck!"
Thank you very much for taking the time to cover the safety aspect of working with this fabulous material beyondtherockz!


Carol said...

Looks easy enough. I have been intimidated by it, but may try it someday. Thanks for sharing the tute!

moonmystic said...

That's great! I've beed resin impaired for awhile.

Hello there! My name is June said...

It's not as hard as you would believe...or perhaps others have told you it's difficult.

Just set aside a couple of hours, and have a great time!

Scour your home for various items that would be fun to suspend in resin.

Once I tried it, I was hooked!

priya said...

hey :) i saw ur comment on my flip flops :D ty..... and i decided to tag along to ur blog :)

i was wondering.....does resin withstand quite a lot heat?cos im from india and yes it is humid here and pretty damn hot and i dont want resin melting down my neck :(

JoannaGoldman said...

thank sfor the tips!

Newfangled said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I am the one who asked for tips on twitter. I couldn't send a direct message to thank you b/c you're not following me.

Carlette said...

I could swear I left a comment about three days ago, but when I didn't get a response, I thought I'd check, and sure enough, it isn't there. Weird.

Anyway. I was wondering how you keep the resin from sticking to the molds?

~Carlette (I met you at 50 Under $50)

Hello there! My name is June said...

Hey Carlette! You can use something called 'mold release' you spray it on your molds to keep the resin from sticking. You can basically use any type of mold, but you'll find it harder to get the pieces out of some than others. Check for deepflex molds... or try candy molds as well...or even ice cube trays. The silicon ones work...but you need a lot of mold release on those I've found out! Any more questions or tips I can help you with, just keep commenting...don't know how come the first one you sent didn't go through...weird!

Jennifer Velasco said...

I was wondering if this can be used for pet tags? Or is it toxic if it is accidentally eaten by my four legged critters?

Hello there! My name is June said...

I doubt a cat would try to eat a resin tag...but would worry about a dog potentially choking on it if they tried to eat it... so I wouldn't recommend it for pet tags.