Monday, November 10, 2008

Not always a 'kodak moment'...

My DD is 2 and is really asserting her independence...I'm both proud and protective & she just wants to do what she wants to do! The funniest thing is when she stands there looking at me when I tell her no...and she'll just stomp one little foot in protest! Her older brother is getting to that point where teasing her is a total delight for him...until I step into the picture & correct the situation. I always ask him if he'd like me to do (insert whatever he's doing to her here) to him & if he'd think that would be fun. When he says no...and he ALWAYS says no...I gently let him know that it's not much fun for babygirl & to cut it out. It works for a little while...but only for a little while! LoL! I am blessed because they do get along & play together well most of the time.

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