Friday, June 12, 2009

Discovery Through Play... Drawing with Light

When you look around you, think of all the normal everyday items we take for granted that seem magical to kids....remote controls, phones, garage door openers, and of course ...anything that glows!
We have a hard time keeping a working flashlight around ...because the kiddos will run off with it & leave it on somewhere in a closet or under a bed until the batteries are dead.
The other day I let my kids play in the darkened hallway with something that glows...& took pictures to show them their 'drawings with light'.
If you can set your camera to a slower shutter speed...or just turn off the flash...then you can do this too! Just give your peanut a flashlight...or anything glowy & have them dance or wave their arms about & see the light trails & patterns that they create! It's a lot of fun for them to do ...and a lot of fun for them to see the pictures afterwards!


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kristina said...

awesome pics :)