Friday, June 19, 2009

Tie Dying is easier than I thought with tulip one step dye! How to make a heart pattern by isewcute!

You're not going to believe how easy it is to do this tie dye pattern! Isn't it cute? This one is going to my new niece....yay! I'm an aunt 'again'.

Follow the instructions on getting ready to tie dye in my first tutorial 'how to make a spiral'

Soak your shirt in the soda ash & water mixture as per the instructions on your brand....I used tulip brand & tulip one-step dyes...which can be found at your local craft shop.

Wring out your shirt & then spread it out on your protected work area...smoothing out all the wrinkles.

Fold your shirt in half lengthwise...lining up the shoulder seams like this...
& then draw 'half a heart' with your pencil.
(I just used a reg. #2 pencil...nothing's not permanent & will wash out)

Then to make the pattern you start to fold your shirt like an accordian...making sure to keep the pencil line fairly straight...

Once your shirt is completely folded...slip a rubber band onto the end...covering up the pencil line. You can add as many rubber bands behind that one for as many color changes as you would like defined.
For my example I selected 3 colors: pink, fuschia or red, & purple ...and added the color in between the rubberbands so that the colors would not bleed together too much. If you overlap the colors...your results will have less white & more color blending.
When the dye was added I put the shirt in a plastic bag...let it sit for a few hours to set the color really well & then rinsed the shirt...removed the bands...rinsed again until water was clear. Laundered in cold water with only a bit of mild detergent & dried!
I can't wait to send this to a sweet babygirl!
Have fun & don't be afraid of experimenting! Remember that crafting is supposed to be fun!
Next pattern in this series of 3 tie dye tutorials will be 'how to do a 'v' pattern'

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Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Thanks for this! I linked to you today because yours were the best pictures I found of how to tie dye a heart. I just made some hearts- and a "v" shape using your tutorial, too! Thanks again! :-)