Friday, June 19, 2009

Tie Dying is easier than I thought with tulip one step dye! How to make a tie dye 'V' pattern by isewcute!

This is the third tutorial in my short series of 'how to tie dye' if you're new to this type of craft, please start with the first tutorial on how to make a spiral pattern. It shows how I set up my workstation outside as well as lists all the items you need to create fun tie dye shirts!
In all 3'll learn how to do all of these shirt patterns shown here!

This tutorial shows how I made a 'V' tie dye pattern using tulip brand one step dye for tie dying.

First, prepare your shirt in the soda ash & water mix & let it set for about 20 min...following the manufacturers instructions. Then wring out your shirt & lay it flat on your protected work area...smoothing out the wrinkles.

Next, you fold your shirt in half shown here...lining up the shoulder seams.

Then take a pencil (I used a basic #2 pencil to make my pattern) ...draw a curve line from the shoulder down to the middle of the shirt...or wherever you want your 'V' pattern to end.
Next, you begin to make little 'accordian' folds in your fabric while keeping your pencil line as straight as possible...same step as on making the 'heart' pattern.

Then you wrap a rubber band around the shirt over the top of the pencil line. You can add as many rubberbands as you like for as many color breaks as you desire.
Add your colors by either dying in between the rubberbands...or overlapping the dye so the colors run together blend them more. On this shirt I used a limited color palette of blue, turquoise, and green.

On this one I used many colors starting with a dab of black at the collar, then blue, more black, pink, fuschia, purple, black, blue, yellow, pink, fuschia, purple, & black. I left the bottom end of the shirt loose to let the colors bleed together more.

After your colors are the dyed shirt in a plastic bag so the dye can really bond with the fabric for a few hours. I let them sit overnight.
When the dye is set...rinse your shirt, remove the bands, then rinse again until the water is clear. Launder your shirt with a little mild detergent in a cold water setting, dry, wear & love that you made it yourself!
I hope you enjoyed this series of 'how to' tutorials! For more great craft ideas check out: ...a wonderful handmade community featuring crafts of all kinds ...where I first got the crafting bug to work on these great tie dye creations!



Plaidfuzz said...

Fun! I remember tie-dyeing as a kid. :)

Michelle said...

I love to tye dye! especially during the summer! I will try my hand at the "v",...thanks!

Hello there! My name is June said...

My sister in law is coming to visit this weekend, & I can't wait to show her how to do this!

Plaidfuzz...I tried once as a kid...and failed miserably. I think the dyes I used didn't make it easy to do....I remember boiling water & didn't know how to do any kind of pattern other than concentric circles. Yikes!
Michelle...I hope you have fun & that yours come out fabulous too!