Tuesday, February 16, 2010

king cake for fat tuesday...being snowed in inspires baking!

mardi gras party king cake for fat tuesday by isewcute
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So after realizing that today wasn't just another Tuesday...but was indeed fat Tuesday, I got the biggest craving for king cake! We are in the middle of a big snowy mess here in Ohio... so baking was a super thing to do on this freezy day.

No secret recipe... I just googled 'king cake' and made the first one that looked good & was made with everything I already had in the cupboard!

I know the baby is supposed to go on the inside... but hey, no chance of my husband providing next year's cake if he found the baby...and besides...it's a terrible choking hazard! I thought it looked cute sitting on top anyhow!

Happy Fat Tuesday Everybody!

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MegExpressions said...

wow, what an awesome looking cake. Had never heard of 'king cake' before...will have to google the recipe now!