Friday, February 12, 2010

my fabulous pink arm warmers made by warmandsoft in istanbul

my fabulous pink arm warmers made by warmandsoft in istanbul
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When I stumbled across this fabulous shop, WarmandSoft on etsy, I knew I found something really special!

Meltem... the shop owner was so friendly & personable! I inquired about having her do a custom listing for me based on one of the designs in her shop. I'm a pretty tall I wanted to have the length of the armwarmers increased to fit me better.

I get cold easily & thought a nice fuzzy pair of fingerless armwarmer mittens would do the trick! I wanted to have something I could wear while either embroidering or drawing. It's hard to be creative while sitting on your hands to warm them! Hopefully I'll be more productive now!

The yarn she used is heaven! So soft & fuzzy comfy! Mine are knit with a lovely cable going up the top. I'm sure I'll get many compliments on them when I wear them out!

If you are looking for armwarmers for yourself or a friend, I'd highly recommend this shop. She knit these up within a day or two & I had them within a week's time...from Istanbul to Ohio! You can't beat that for a quality, custom, handcrafted creation!

Thank you Meltem!

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Meltem said...

Oh June, you are so sweet also:) I'm very happy right now. You made my day:) I'm really happy for you loved and enjoy them! Thank you very much for this great featuring in your lovely blog!